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Reviews from Just Dial

Santhi Priya
"Excellent predictions by guruji. Thank you guruji for your remedies. Following your remedies I got good results."
Naina B
"It's been excellent to consult with guruji.He gives advices and solutions based upon problem one have in their life.I am very much satisfied with his advice and sincerely recommend him to all of the people who are in problems."
Harsh Kalyan
"Excellent predictions by guruji.. I have improved my life in following ur remedies..thank u guruji.."
Vamsi Bharath
"Thanks to Viswaasai garu for changing my life to a positive way. I am very much satisfied in my life now..."
Jogi Raju
"It is very good. Thank u guruji.."
samapth Kumar
"5 Star Rating"
Rainbow Flex
"5 Star Rating"
Vinay Kumar
"After meeting guruji my life has changed a lot.He had shown me the path to success and guided me like a father.Now i am happy and leading a pleasent life because of guruji.Thank you so much guruji"
"Guruji great life coach... Meeting Guruji is a life changing moment for me. After following the remedies suggested by Guruji all the problems I have got solved one by one and guided me into right path. Now I am leading a happy life. Thank you Guruji for bringing me into right path of my life and for being a life coach for me."
"Viswaa Sai Guruji is Best Numerologist"
M Bhagavan
"Best numerology in vizag"
"Excellent predictions by Guruji. Thank you Guruji for your remedies. Following your remedies. I got good results."
"Guruji has lead me to the path of success after meeting him. After wearing the gem stone advised by guruji, I have started achieving success in my career. Thank you so much guruji."
"Excellent results after approaching. We have seen live example. Superb!!" Srinivasa Rao
"Its really wonder to achieve anything in life at any level of circumstances of life wonder success in numerology gives you new life."
"I have seen good results after Guruji came to my house and checked Geopathic Vasthu and corrected it... With that I had seen good results..."
"After consulting Viswaasai Guruji I have got cleared all my problems....I have seen good results in my life..."
Rajarao Parasa
"Excellent, guruji has given me new life."
Gowtham Rao
"The Astro - numerology center when I visit I realized that perfect place I got in my life.. The experience what I felt is marvelous.. I can`t explain in words that anybody can visit and get experience."
"Excellent, perfect prediction and my life has changed to new life. Before in my life there was so many problems but now it is cured. Thank you Viswaa Sai Guruji."
"Everything is good and excellent and full satisfactory. Thank you"
"Very reliable result and I am very much satisfied."
"Really its shows wonderful results. If you need a correct solution to any problem, come and visit Viswaa Sai Guruji as its my personal experience. All the best!!!!!"
"Given the inspiration to start the new beginning in a positive way."
"I have done my M.A and B.Ed and I was not getting married for a long time. I have done many pujas and vratas, but I did not get result. After meeting this Guruji, he changed my name as Devyani. After changing my name I have got married and now leading a happy life."
"See the wonders in life with Wonder Success In Numerology by Viswaa Sai Guruji. I had a name change by Guruji as Thulasi from Tulasi. After the small correction, now I lead my life happy which helped me to resolve few health and financial problems. Thanks to Guruji Garu for remedies and suggestions."
"I am very much thankful to sir as he made me successful in my life. I have a small school in a small village, our school was run in a rented building and lease site. Now I constructed own school building just in a time of one year and this all happened because of the sir. He is not only sir but he is our Guru, friend and our well wisher. Thank you sir for making me to see success in my life!!!!"
"I am very much thankful to the sir who had made me see success in my life. I was seriously affected during Hud-Hud Toofan and huge damage took place to my school. I lost everything and that time I came to sir and followed his instructions perfectly. I have seen miracles in my life while following his instructions. We can definitely see wonder success in life if we follow his instructions perfectly. He is not commercial at all."
Bonu Suresh
"I am very much successful in my career now. Thank u viswaa sai guruji."
Bhagya Lakshmi
"I have seen great success in my life due to Viswaa Sai Guruji."
"A right place to get success in life."
Chandra Sekhar
"Very real it seems and helps me in my life career growth. Thank you."
Vamsi Bharath
"We can definitely see success in our future."
Ch N Raju
"Wonderful solutions for a wonderful life."