Sri Viswaa Sai Guruji the person who shown success to many people. For appointments Contact : 9292552239, 9247457556 | ఎంతో మందికి విజయాలు అందించిన శ్రీ విశ్వసాయి గురూజీ గారి ద్వారా మీ సమస్యల పరిష్కారానికి సంప్రదించండి. అపాయింట్మెంట్ కొరకు 9292552239, 9247457556.
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Other Services

Homas and Poojas

Acccording to ur horoscope We perform Poojas and Homas that are necessary to you. We perform Kala Sarpa Dosha nivarana puja, Kuja dosha pariharam and other homas etc.


With the help of the aura scanner we will check the negative energies in ur body and will suggest you the suitable gems that removes the negative energy and gives you positive results. With this aura scanner we can know the planets that are not vibrating in our body. We provide you certified quality gems only.

Geopathic Neutralizers available here

We sell geopathic neutralizers which neutrailzes the negative energy present in your house. It is used to fix the vastu problems without demolishing any brick of the house. So if u have any vastu problems you can please contact us for doing this remedy at a lower cost.