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Vedic Energy Vasthu (Geopathic)

Vastu shastra is essentially the art of correct settings where by one can place himself in such a manner so as to absorb the maximum benefit from the panchabhutas, the five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) as well as from the influence of magnetic fields surrounding the earth.

The scientific use of the elements create perfectly balanced environment, which ensures enhanced health, wealth and prosperity. The author of "Vastu shastra" of Maya Brahma, Viswakarma etc. revealed the peace in living. In those numbers Vastu Shastra covered civil engineering, architectures, designs, sculptures, temples, Raja Prasadas and building technology of Viswakarma, the greatest architect of Mahabharata times, designed and built Indraprastha (capital of pandavas) incorporating all the update layout, wide roads, lakes, fountains, water facilities and connections of drainage system.

The knowledge of house building technology has grown so vast into special fields of architecture, engineering and interior decoration etc., while the importance of Vastu has gone into oblivion where as architecture is concerned. Vastu provides the knowledge of the principles to be adopted in building of temples, houses, corporate offices, industrial sheds, factories etc., so as to make the native happy, healthy and prosperous.

The location, direction and disposition of construction have a direct impact on life. Hence vastu shilpa shastra, the ancient scripture, experienced by generations after generations, contains the essence of vastu shilpa shastra knowledge.

For example the temple of Sri. Venkateswara at Tirupati is found adhering to the principles of vastu shilpa shastra i.e. the main entrance is on the East, while the water tank is in the north-East and as such God is giving peace, prosperity and wealth to everyone having darshana and by worshipping will be rich and desires will be fulfilled. They will be comfortable in their lives.

The other example is of Bhagwan "Sri Sri Sri Satya Sai Baba" of Puttaparthi. His abode is made at such a place where water flows in the North-Eastern direction and some hillocks are situated in the south-west. He is virtually considered to be a living God by many of his followers throughout the world. His disciples created a university, superspeciality hospital, drinking water facility for many villages in Ananthapur district aerodrome and sports grounds according to Vastu.

It is clear that an individual experiences both good and bad results in a house according to his destiny, depending upon the planetary configuration in his horoscope. If unfavorable dasa is in operation, however best the house is constructed according to the principles of vastu the native undergoes turmoil and turbulence in that period. For an individual's misery it could be said that there may be Graha Dosham or Griha Dosham or both. An unfortunate person stays in a house built not in conformity with the principles of vastu, while a fortunate individual lives in a house built as per vastu, with or without his knowledge.

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Building Biology

Our building is just not a place of dwelling,it is another layer of skin connecting us with the energies of the outer world.People live in it either partially or full time. It provides security, protects our belongings. Further it is in the form of a geometrical figure, similar to yantra, working as a power house. It should provide good health and support in attaining prosperitry. It must help us physically, mentally and spiritually. Here prosperity means, should providing sufficient financial support to sustain, making us free from external problems and guarantee peace to the dwellers..

Aura Scanner

Aura Scanner, also known as the energy scanner, is a device that can sense the aura of a person or object. Each living or non-living being on the planet is made up of matter, of which an atom is the smallest part. The universe comprises of various energies emanated and affected by the atom. The scanner has been devised to effectively sense the levels of energy sample provided to it..

The instrument works on the following principles

Principles on which the scanner is made

  1. The transmission when multiplied and boosted by the instrument covers the range of 200 mts approximately. Adequate design and power supply provided within the instrument makes it work.
  2. If similar matter of same chemical composition is available elsewhere in the vicinity (hidden matter within instrument’s range) that matter also vibrates in the same frequency (Sir William Ramsay). Here, the matter is either available on surface or hidden in the same range also vibrate in the same frequency.
  3. Due to similar composition and frequency, there exists a mutual attraction between Sample and Hidden one because of diversity in polarity. As a result the sensors rotate in the direction of hidden material.

Energy Scanner and Vaastu

The use of the instrument is unparallel in detecting the following, instantly in no time.

Attraction means Energy centers are open

  1. One can predict the presence of Geopathic Stress or Negative Energies in the building without entering into the residence.
  2. After entering into the house one can locate all negative energy objects which are emitting infra radiations. It is proved that they suck human energy and house energy. These articles need to be separated from the house. This is first of its kind doing such operation.
  3. If we keep infra-red colour as a sample in the instrument, it moves towards the articles that have negative energies in them.
  4. If any souls or spirit frequencies are present, the instrument responds at that spot, indicating by opening its arms at 180 degrees.
  5. By cross questioning the owners of the plot one can extract the reasons on past events such as death suicide, accidents etc.
  6. It also indicates the planets which are not vibrated in our body by keeping our DNA sample.
  7. It also used to detect the health problems present in our body by checking the chakras of our body.
  8. It also leads towards the Nodal points and their lines of any Geopathic stress or cosmic strain related to any negative origin. This would cause problem to the human cell energy, causing chronic diseases or psychic effects.

So finally, how a crop requires good soil to grow like that before constructing a house we need to check the energy of the site with the aura scanner and we must remove/block the negative energy present in the soil. After removing negative energy if we construct a house it will be an abode of good health,wealth, intelligence, good children, peace, happiness and redeem one from debt of obligations. If the soil where you constructed the house contain negative energy it may result in unnecessary travels, sorrows, disappointments and bad name in society etc.