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Sri Viswaa Sai Guruji

Daivagna Sri Botla Ramarao Guruji

Sri Viswaa sai guruji had completed his degree in Avn college,Visakhapatnam and graduated in law from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Being interested in journalism he started his career as news reporter in rural areas and in short time he got name and fame as district reporter. He brought out many issues of the people to the concern officials through his articles in the newspaper and he was appreciated for his work by the government official & other people. AP state government had appointed him as the member of District Legal Services Authorities (DLSA) and he was also appointed as the bench member of Lokadalat in Visakhapatnam district court.

To avail Health services at lower prices for the common man, a nursing home had been started at Nad Kotha road in Visakhapatnam to avail health services & also to provide free cost health care to the poor & needy. And also served the society as a founder & head of Akshara Educational & Welfare Society (NGO's). With his concern to the poor he is well known as a social worker (Working for the poor & backward classes)

So in this mysterious journey of life to know the reasons behind the differences in the human behavior and their life styles, he developed zeal to study Astrology (The Great Jyotishya Sastra) and went to the masters of that science and developed the idea regarding that science. He studied Jyotishya Sastra at Potti Sriramulu University. Meanwhile, he received blessings as a disciple of Daivagna Sri Botla Ramarao guruji and got clarified his doubts regarding different aspects of astrology and examined horoscopes of many people and had shown them a way to achieve successful life. He also developed knowledge regarding Numerology by studying the great Chiero books. Studying Palmistry in ICAS and completed Hasta Samudrika Praveena and also he availed many people who had no idea regarding their date of birth, facts of their life. He has shown light for many families by removing negative energy on them through vedic energy vastu.