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Palmistry is an ancient science of knowing the past, present and future of a person. Since palm is the gift of nature, no errors can be described to the lines on the palm, which are there since birth.

The Indian (Hindu) palmistry has as its authorities Prahlada, Samudra and others.

According to ancient Hindu palmistry (Samudrik Shastra) the origin and course of the major lines are:

Life line (Jeevan Rekha): It starts from the base of the palm from above the first bracket, circles half around the mount of Venus and ends below the mount of Jupiter and above the mount of Mars negative. The life line when read with the heart line indicates the longevity. Subsidiary lines arising from the life line towards the mounts of Mercury, Sun, Saturn or Jupiter are called the rising lines, which indicate the rises in life in the field indicated by the mount towards which these rising lines travel. There are no descending lines for the life line. There can be out cuts, breaks, crosses and stars on it, which are signs of evil. A parallel line to the line of life on the side of the mount of Venus is called "Mars line" or "the sister life line" which augments the life line. Afflictions could be breaks in the line, cuts or islands. The life line may start from an island or fork, which indicates an unfortunate childhood. The life line ending with a fork is both bad and good, depending on the position of the forked line. If one line of the fork goes into the Jupiter, it is good or if one line of the fork ends in a grill diseases like paralysis, loss of memory etc. are likely, as per the supportive indications of the palm.

Fate line (Dhana Rekha, Karma Rekha): This line arises from the base of the palm, ascending towards the mount of Saturn. It is in the middle of the palm under ordinary conditions. But there could be many variations to it. (a) It may merge with the life line at its starting place to some distance, (b) It may be forked with one forked line entering Jupiter, Saturn or Sun mount and the other forked line entering the Mercury mount. The fork may have trident or a dident (three divergent lines or split into two lines) crosses, chain formation, islands, cuts, stars are the indications of misfortunes. In the absence of a good life line or defective life line not supplemented by a Mars line, the fate line acts or supplements the life line, thus enhancing its strength to give fortune. There can be no fortune without life. Living itself against odds is a fortune.

Head line: It starts from the base of the mount of Jupiter and above the Mars(-), extends towards the mount of Moon. It could be curved towards the mount of Moon, end at the base of mount of Moon or at its middle or run parallel to the heart line (rarely). The line may be crescentic or angular. A crescentic line gives good intellect, an angular line (bent at an angle) gives perverted mind, a dropping head line ending at the base of lunar indicates suicidal tendencies, mental disorders and introversion etc. depending on the other factors of the hand. A cut indicates head injury, break indicates brain disorder, cross or star indicates head injury or danger to head. A chain like line makes the person idiotic.

Heart line: Starts from the percussion at the base of the mount of Mercury and from the top of the mount of Mars positive and extends across the palm to the base of mount of Jupiter. This line may end below Sun, Saturn or Jupiter independently or merging with the line of head by bending towards it, but very rarely under mount of Mercury. A line of heart which is having a chain formation gives poor health, a fork gives immorality, health problems etc. depending on the nature of fork of the way each forked line runs. A descending line is bad, crosses, cuts, stars, breaks on the line of heart are danger signs.